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Braves Fall Ball Practices

Fall Ball Practice Schedule
9U & 10U - Red & Blue
9-10:30am @ Eric Schwartz Ballpark

 Wayland, MA

11U - Red & Blue
9-10:30am @ Upper Featherland
Sudbury, MA

12U - Red, Gray, & Blue
11am-12:30pm @ Upper Featherland
Sudbury, MA

13U - Gray & Blue
1-2:30pm @ Haskell Field
Sudbury, MA

1-2:30pm @ Haskell Field
Sudbury, MA

13U Red

2:30-4pm @ Haskell Field
Sudbury, MA

4-5:30pm @ Haskell Field
Sudbury, MA
We hold outdoor practices/scrimmages on the weekends in September and October.  This gives our players a head start with how it feels to learn and implement new skills on the diamond they will be playing on in the spring. 
While fall ball games can be a lot of fun, we prefer to use this time to teach skills and ideas that can be more difficult to grasp inside at DCBA during the winter.
We combine all teams from each age so that our highly-experienced, professional coaching staff have a chance to interact with almost every player in the program.
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