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Dedicated to Helping Players Realize Their Potential

Here at the Braves we prioritize player development with a staff of professional coaches who are committed to each and every one of our players.

The Braves Development Process
  • maintain reasonably sized rosters so that players get many more reps whether they are in practices or in games.

  • teaching the game in a way that allows the player to build upon each year with the goal of playing high school baseball and beyond.

  • a coaching and administrative staff that can be communicated with directly and openly.​

Creating a Braves Community
  • as a member of the Braves, your child will come to know all of our coaching staff through fall and winter practices.

  • this allows for interpersonal growth and a feeling of belonging that we find is lacking in some other organizations.

  • constant communication allows us to encourage our players to engage in multiple sports and town baseball in the spring.

Practice and Game Locations
  • DC Baseball Academy is a 16,000sq ft. baseball facility located in the Saxonville Mills in Framingham, MA.

  • DCBA has 6 oversized batting cages, a throwing tunnel, Hittrax, Hack Attack Pitching Machines, and more.

  • The Braves play their home games in Sudbury, Wayland, and Wellesley.

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